Explanation for example 9

The idea is to have one slideshow containing 4 photos. However, rather than as in example 2, where the Sipadan images are twice the size of the ones for the Seychelles, in this case the images in the slideshow are all the same size 251px x 188px.
Also, provided that your slides are wider than 126 pixels you can position your curser in the middle of the image and then use the Right-Button of your mouse to download the picture.
This uses a version of the "slimbox2.js" code that I have modified. If you want to use this modified code for your own webpages you can download it from:
"Minified" slimbox.js
or, if you want readable source code. from:
It also uses a modified version of "slimbox2.css". You can download it from:
You can see the uniformly sized slideshow by clicking on any of the 4 thumbnails at the bottom of this page. You can download the slide by positioning your cursor in the middle of the slide and right-clicking it. You can automate the slideshow by clicking on the "play" symbol.

HTML code for this example